Do you yearn to get your school more organized?

Streamline your work more efficiently across staff?  Have more accurate information at the tip of your fingertips?
Do you still manage your school information using error prone Excel and Google Sheets, or with time consuming hard to find Emails?

What should I look for in an Attendance and School Management System?

There’s more to a school management system than taking attendance:

  • How good is a system that cannot be customized for your school’s need?

Your grade structure may be unique to your school.

The student or staff information you want to track is unique to your school.

  • What kind of additional costs are you facing in order to customize a system to your needs?
  • Are there “modules” (read: functionality) that you need which come at additional costs?
  • Are you getting a lot of “extra” (read: fancy) functionality that you don’t actually need?

Our system was built by a school administrator alongside a high-tech programming company, created from the inside out to give you a perfect fit system for your institution.

There are so many things to write about, we hope that you read thru all of our features to get an idea of the level and capabilities of this system.

 – My Attendy

The 6 Core Features

That Unleash Endless Possibilities
Custom Fields – create custom fields to capture any type of data.  Move the fields to arrange them in the most efficient way.

Email – create emails with auto-populated fields, with the built in email feature.  Use templates to quickly email students, parents, or staff.

Reports – create reports with any fields you need.  Giving you unlimited ways of viewing and analyzing your data.

Data Entry – in-line editing of a custom report makes for easy and time saving data entry.  Giving you endless possibilities

Export & Share – export data from built-in reports and custom reports straight to Excel.  Email and share with a click of a button.

Permissions – create user groups with custom privileges to allow or restrict access to data.  Control every inch of the system.

Advanced Features

Included in Every Plan: Online Applications Portal, Scholarship & Fee Tracking, Teacher Salary Calculations, Dorm Manager, Meal Plan Manager, and much much more!

Unlimited Potential

No hidden limitations.  Create unlimited teachers, staff, user groups, custom fields, school years, semesters, tracks, classes, lessons, events, reports, emails, templates, etc.

Unlimited User Groups

Protect your data and work smarter across staff and students, with permissions and user groups.  Control every inch of the system.

Lesson Curriculum

Create an “online school” or online courses.  Upload lesson materials to any class in almost any file format.

Features Included in Every Plan

Cross Platform Compatible

All you need is internet.  MyAttendy is accessible from any device and any location, with many mobile friendly pages.

Google Login

Use the regular account login, or use Google login.  That’s one less password to remember.

Attendance on Tablet

Take class attendance easily and efficiently on a small tablet.  Or easily print out attendance sheet rosters.

Form Builder

Easily customize the system to match your school’s needs with custom tabs, custom sections, and custom fields.

Custom Tabs

Create tabs to organize the layout of your data, for easy access to any detail.  Control who has viewing and editing rights to each tab.

Custom Sections

Create sections within each tab to further organize the layout of your data.  Control who has viewing and editing rights to each section.

Custom Fields

Collect any data you need, including: attachments, date and time pickers, drop downs with choices, on/off selectors, and much more.

Custom Drop Downs

Create single-select, or multi-select drop-downs with any options you need.

Custom Phone & Email

Create one email or phone field and collect as many phone numbers or emails as needed.  You can customize the “types” names to anything you like.

Viewing and Editing Rights

Easily control who has access to each section and tab within the system.  Restrict access, give viewing access, or editing access.

User Groups for Permissions

Create unlimited combinations of permissions using User Groups.  Control exactly what Students, Parents, Teachers, or your Staff can view and edit.

Mass Email

Email several people at a time, just select the student, parent or staff you want to email, and click send.

In-Line Data Entry

Extremely efficient and time saving feature, just run your custom report for the fields you want to do data entry on, and edit them in-line.

Report Builder

Create reports with any fields you are collecting.  As simple as a birthday or alumni email list, to financial data or list of attachments.

Share & Export Report

Easily export data to Excel, or share them via email.  Available for the built-in reports as well as your custom reports.

Email Editor

Fully featured HTML editor to use when composing emails or email templates, control the font, size, layout, color, insert images, etc.

Email Templates

Create email templates with content you use frequently so you don’t have to type the same email over and over again.

Custom Email Fields

Use your custom fields inside emails and have them auto-populate, like balance due, student first name, or any other data you’re collecting.

Clone to Next Semester

A new semester set up is a breeze with the cloning feature.  Clone classes with their assigned teachers, schedules, and even registered students.

Easy Lesson Generator

Easily generate a class’s lessons, just enter the time and day, and the system will generate lessons for the entire semester, excluding holidays and vacations.

Advanced Time Picker

If lessons don’t meet on the same time and day, use the advanced mode to enter any time or day of the week.

Color Coded Calendar

The powerful calendar is like your dashboard, use it in day, week, or month view.  Color coded for easy reference.  Filterable by teacher, track, events.

Organize Menus

Clean up the screen layout, by turning menu items on or off for seasonal items you don’t always need.

Dynamic Dropdowns

Dynamic drop-downs save time and aggravation by automatically showing the pertinent data, by using cookies and “kick-in dates”.

Classes Options

Widen your possibilities by defining if a class or activity will “grades”, or if “attendance” needs to be tracked for it.

Student Exemptions

The students exemption screen let’s you enter exemptions for students, which will automatically be reflected on the daily roster.

Class Substitutes

What do you do if a teacher is out and someone else teaches the class?  Use the substitute feature, and track who taught what.

Track Alumni

Easily export alumni’s email list to your favorite email campaign software, or use the built in bulk-email feature to send out emails.

Track Enrollments

Enrollment tracking not only gives you easy access to alumni and currently registered students, but also helps during your application season.

Events Management

Easily add events to create your school year’s calendar.  You can even decide if the event will cancel a class lesson or meal plan.  Events are printable and is also displayed on the calendar.

The Attendance and School Management System

that will help your school get organized and more efficient.

All Inclusive

Get full access to all features and functionality with every plan.

Free Customization

Free extensive out-of-the-box customization saving you programming costs.

Easy Set-up

Free set-up and support to get you started.  Minimal training required.

Latest Technology

Our platform utilizes the latest technologies and works extremely fast.

Fast & Secure Servers

Your data is safe on our fast & secure dedicated servers.

Top of the Line

Our system rivals with systems costing 10x more money.

Are you ready to transform your school?

When everyone is happy things just work better.
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A lot of time and energy was invested in making each part of My Attendy user friendly, easy to understand, and have a clean interface.  My Attendy pages load extremely fast, so you spend more time working, and less wasted time waiting.
Monthly Attendance Report
Class Lesson Attendance
Daily Presence Report
Application Summary Report
Cafeteria Meals Manager
Dormitory Room Manager
Built-In & Custom Reports
Easy Report Creator
Report In-Line Data Entry
Class List View
Student Details & Tabs
Events Manager
Email Editor & Templates
Teachers Compensation Report
Custom Fields Creator
Custom Grades Structure
Monthly & Annual Honor Roll

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